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Ronald De Buck
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Dragan Popovic
Latest entry:Welcome!
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vaughn go
Latest entry:Nutty Broccoli
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John Bell
Latest entry:Dunbar XII
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liz Moody
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M Jeffri Razali
Ni satu lagi entry yang lama terbengkalai. Since tengah ada sedikit masa nak spare ni, uploadkan jugalah sebelum basi gambar ni. Rasanya tak payahlah nak cakap kat mana ni sebab mesti ramai yang tahu...:-d Hari ni tak de idea nak tulis apa lak. Minda tengah beku pulak. So just enjoy je lah pix ni. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1135622623() http://s06.flagcounter.com/more/GdN() View this Fotopage entry
Steve Renko
Latest entry:"Sudden Drop Off."
So what was in the air cells today? Today the aircells didn't wait for a public bus to pick them up. Actually, they walked with the briefcase. It was a Thursday, afterall. Retirement is in on the scene. The vehicles moved automatically east and west on the extinct Indian trail. The authorities have named it, officially, state highway 283. State highway 283?! The extinct Indian trail has some ring to it. This trail is conveniently located on the southern shores of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is a shallo... View this Fotopage entry
"Niagara Falls."
josef tichy
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Anakin the JEDI
Latest entry:My Son
8 years ago was my last post here... I think I need to post something again... ;-) I am now married and had a son. Time flies so fast indeed. View this Fotopage entry
Journey To Be
Lewesrat Pictures
Latest entry:~Memories~
Memories may crack and blur, Dust may fade their edges, But still, memories sustain us. View this Fotopage entry
Winston Edghill
Latest entry:More "First Shots of 2010" - Nuff, Nuff Reflections
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Henri Grienenberger
Latest entry:Marché de Noel à Rixheim
dans le magnifique cadre du Parc de la Commanderie View this Fotopage entry
encore des inuits
Julia M A
Latest entry:• Don't stop moving •
She called many times and I answered her finally. Made it to the peak of Mt Kinabalu in Oct 2009. • • • View this Fotopage entry
A participant for the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon 2009.
Latest entry:Thanksgiving & Raya Haji Celebration
Thanksgiving at Jum's house :) Raya at our house :) View this Fotopage entry
ni lah rumah I...
Jankel Jankelbrod
Latest entry:Autumn kite
Waiting for a good breeze View this Fotopage entry
Autumn kite
Jennifer Chapin
Latest entry:Me - Goth
I decided to go Goth for a weekend this past summer, it was a lot of fun...its more my sort of style but due to the fact that most of the cool clothing is expensive and the style of dress is not appropriate for most places I have worked...well, its become more of a part time hobby for me. This wasn't full on Goth but close and I was happy for a few days lol View this Fotopage entry
Adriano Paul
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kak long
Latest entry:Pa & Ma April 2009
Dapatkanlah di pasaran sekarang! Cerita lanjut di http://orkedsaiful.blogspot.com View this Fotopage entry
mark jones
Latest entry:South Island Trip Day 7 - Lake Matheson (Reflection Island)
Ok, just down the road from Fox Glacier is a lake called Lake Matheson which is famous for reflecting the mountains that surround it. Its about a 10Km hike around the lake, but coming up to sunset its nice way to relax after spending the morning and afternoon hiking on the glacier. Just a shame it was a bit cloudy :-> View this Fotopage entry
taufiq shariff
http://taufiqshariff.blogspot.com/() View this Fotopage entry
ZurimahZ ZZ
Latest entry:A1 Sepang
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Rajiv Chopra
Latest entry:Halebidu
Halebidu was, it seems, one of the capitals of the Hoysala Empire of South India, some 1,000 years ago. Halebidu Temple represents some of the most fantastic temple carvings of the Hoysalas. I went there some 22 years ago, when I was doing my MBA. This was one of those weekend trips we used to make. We'd get into a hired vehicle, and move. Those were the times when the world was young and at our feet. Halebidu was fantastic. My first sight of the temple simply took my breath away. If I had a week the... View this Fotopage entry
Carving 2
Wahida Yaakub
Latest entry:K a s i h . I b u
i've walked too long in this lonely lane . i've had enough of this same old game . i'm a man of the world and they say i'm strong . but my heart is heavy and my hope is gone . all i want to know that you're there . you're gonna give me all your sweet mother love kiter sayang mak kiter Menara Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2009. aksi yang membuatkan saya sangat tersentuh. nampak macam dia sayang sangat kat anak dia. heuww. semoga ibu dia menjadi ibu mithali dan semoga anak dia tu membesar menjadi seeko... View this Fotopage entry
pokcik, mama rock & bujal in action
Chris Bailey
Latest entry:Breakfast in America
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'Breakfast in America'
my space
Latest entry:New York, Wall Street
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Irvin aka Mustache
Latest entry:Photo challenge # 180: Building
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Kokurajou during Sakura season
Ayda Khamalrudin
Wednesdays Child
Latest entry:Awwww. SPAMMERS make us disable comments
You can still send a PM. View this Fotopage entry
gholdee sangalang
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a new pair for 2008
Marty Baird
Latest entry:Day on the road
1 rough water 2 sunset 3interesting clouds 4 sunrise 5 out for a walk 6 clouds View this Fotopage entry
intersting clouds
Carolina in Sweden
Latest entry:Wedding in Venice
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Steve Troy
Latest entry:Storms and Sunsets
A little contrast now..........some skies from South Dakota...... View this Fotopage entry
Danielle Gennaro
Latest entry:7-7-7
I wish I were at a casino on this lucky day! So the finale of Harry Potter is upon us and I am absolutely devastated. I am excited to read Deathly Hallows but at the same time, I know then when I close the book, it will be over forever. Stephen King said "Goodbye" to Harry in his article in Entertainment Weekly and it made me realize in how much of my life and our culture in general Harry Potter is engrained. "The Internet blog sites will be full of this was bad and that was wrong, but it's going to... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Vietnam
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Elaine Louvier
Latest entry:Photo Challenge # 149...... Anger
Dolly is the gentlest dog. but when she plays she looks ferocious View this Fotopage entry
Go ahead, make my day!
Afsaneh Ahmadi
Latest entry:New
خیلی وقته که نیومدم اینجا ;-) فعلا عکسی انتخاب نکردم که بگذارم توی سایت :-> از دوستانی که اومدن و سر زدن و نظر دادن خیلی متشکرم :-D View this Fotopage entry
امام خمینی
dayah md noor
Latest entry:Adikku yg cun
Pasni blanje aku mcD ok ica? Takleh nak kata apala sejak kecik dia ni mmg kerempeng nk banding aku yg sejak kecik mmg gemok (oh apesal la aku tk ikut gene mak huhuhuhu...dayah! bersyukur! bersyukur! Ye saya bersyukur...) View this Fotopage entry
Hantaran di atas katil
sha ph
Latest entry:Lar
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kevin kingdong
Latest entry:Richmond Park
A nice place in UK for when the Queen fancies a bit of Venesen for dinner. I shot this young doe on approach doing my 'David Bailey in the terretorials' bit across the park. Seriously though, a wonderfull place to shoot and her majisty assures me the venesen is gorgeous. Thank you for the comments, good to be back. View this Fotopage entry
Dear Deer
Dark Val
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rona puntawe
Latest entry:Hobart
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Ades One
Latest entry:Always the sun...
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Always the sun...
Pls be informed that I no longer maintain this fotoblog. For my latest work, please browse my portfolio at http://www.pesonaimage.com View this Fotopage entry
All the VIP's
Gunnella Thorgeirs
Latest entry:A January noon in Leith (Scotland)
One reason not to miss Iceland ;-) The sun, although short lived each day, still shines so bright :-D View this Fotopage entry
Syukri Omar
Latest entry:doesn´t remind me
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Grazi Lee
Latest entry:Happy New Year 2006
Happy New Year to U all & Wish U all the best !~ I'm not trying to upload more photos here, but you can find my updated one in http://www.flickr.com/photos/grazilee/show/( Flickr). View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Davao
This picture was taken somewhere in Davao. View this Fotopage entry
Davao Park
massimiliano sarmax
Latest entry:thanks everybody...
...for all the great time I've spent here @ fotopages with all of you I'm moving to another website if you want to continue to see my pictures the new address is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarmax thanks again peace sarmax View this Fotopage entry
vilnius 2005
Sonia Grace
Latest entry:pink
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Michele Michele
Latest entry:Real gold / L'oro vero
Real gold is a renewable natural resource... Hi everybody, sorry for the delay... 8-) ;-) L'oro vero è una risorsa naturale rinnovabile... ciao a tutti, scusate il ritardo... 8-) ;-) View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:~its good to be back
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The Fool On the Hill
Latest entry:It's a god-awful small affair.
[New and old pictures. Some from the Vancouver airport. Some from a few months ago on a trip to Victoria.] View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Pubs in Beijing, China
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Teddy ONeill
When it's your day off and it's cold outside, what does a geek do? Why...reinstall windows of course!!! View this Fotopage entry
A clean slate!
Girl Flyday
Latest entry:Feathered friend!
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moko chan
Latest entry:tell me
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miss misery
Latest entry:to the second hand and its accuracy
Oh I want to learn such simple things No politics, no history Till what I want and what I need Can finally be the same I just got myself to blame Leave everything up to fate When there's choices I could make When there's choices I could make Yeah, my heart needs a polygraph Always so eager to pack my bags When I really wanna stay When I really wanna stay View this Fotopage entry
Abra Kassandra
Latest entry:~ native birds ~
Some food for my little friends in these too strong winter days... View this Fotopage entry
blue tit 21/21
Rich bag
Latest entry:please recycle
please recycle, 1995 ink, graphite, mix media on paper. View this Fotopage entry
Lukasz Brzenczek
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Behzad Rahmati
Latest entry:News
NEWS My new photoBLOG is http://www.flickr.com/photos/saital if anyone want to see my new photos go there..Thankx! View this Fotopage entry
Omid Isfahany
Latest entry:2005 !
Happy New Year My Friend ! :flowers: View this Fotopage entry
faith etc
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Don in Canada
Latest entry:Wild beast
I think of Steve everytime I see one of these. View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Typical work day for moi
...240am... on my way home, dropped eden off at their place. ...304am... home with all the christmas decors that my housemate did. ...320am... ack can't sleep! taking pictures of everything. ...1256pm... scary ...117pm... got my laundry. click this pic and check out their logo. ...120pm... the crazy stuff you do when driving alone. ...132pm... office =o( ...702pm... dinner at the mall ...710pm... pizza and sola iced tea! yipiie View this Fotopage entry
gilbert chua
Latest entry:[ n a t u r e w i l l i m p r o v i s e ]
Earth is here so kind, that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest. ~Douglas William Jerrold View this Fotopage entry
David Aaron
I will not be posting on fotopages any longer because I know have my own personal site...But you can still comment about the photographs on http://www.internallux.com/ and you can post those comments here. Thanks to everyone who has commented! David http://www.internallux.com/ View this Fotopage entry
Alexandre Lindote
Latest entry:Red... Really Red!!!
A stunning sunset. :-) Image 07 was built from 4, 5, and 6... View this Fotopage entry
Shamsul Alam
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Robb Allen
Latest entry:Painting with light test
I had seen this technique a few times and I have wanted to reproduce it, but was always wary of doing it with film. Now that I've got an DSLR, I figured I'd give it a shot. My wonderful wife laid on the couch to be my model / test subject. I set my camera to f10 @ 30" using my 28-80 at around 50mm. I took my flashlight and covered it with wax paper to diffuse the light since a Maglite isn't the most focused and even light around. I turned out all the lights in the house and hit the shutter. I procede... View this Fotopage entry
crimson soleil
Latest entry:hiatus
i am finding it a bit hard to maintain so many different photo blogs and so i think that i am going to have to drop one....and i think it will have to be this one....although i have met many wonderful people here in this community, the actual format of the blog is not as user friendly as the other ones i maintain, and that is why i am choosing to let this one slide......i won't close it down completely, because perhaps in the future they may make it easier to navigate through the community......and i may st... View this Fotopage entry
Glitter Girl
Please visit my new blog for the latest work View this Fotopage entry
zel da
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abc def
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vsfdbes sfdgzrg
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rita line
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Delete Profile
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Matt Richardson
Latest entry:Visit www.mzatt.com
http://www.mzatt.com View this Fotopage entry
magoo magoo
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Noor Naime
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John Penn
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